Thursday, 21 September 2017

Extjs Package Loading on the Fly

Dynamic Package Loading

Ext JS 6.5 and Sencha Cmd 6.5 introduced some amazing new capabilities

Sencha Cmd 6.5 has supported the concept of packages for several years and large-scale applications. Sencha Cmd then builds all of these pieces into your application. Now we can use these packages from Sencha Cmd 6.5 onwards in a whole new way dynamically.

Upto now we are adding the packages names in "requires" array in your app.json.


For dynamic package loading, simply move packages from requires to "uses" array and add a
"package-loader" in requires.

After adding these package changes, for build the application we need to do the following commands.

For Dev:

Sencha app build --dev --uses

For Prod:

Sencha app build --prod --uses

For Particular package:

Sencha app build --dev --uses=dashboard

--uses for to fully build the application and all of its external packages.

Using dynamic package loading can be a real time time saver for users, No longer to wait entire application to load, to load what ever they needed. It also time saving for the developers no need to build the entire application.

In main controller we need to add the ext loader class.
requires: [


package loading will be.

routes: {
        ':type': {
            before: 'loadPackage',
            action: 'showView'
    loadPackage: function (type, action) {
        var view = this.getView(),
            pkg = this.getPackageForType(type);
        if (!pkg || Ext.Package.isLoaded(pkg)) {
        else {
                message: 'Loading Package...'
            Ext.Package.load(pkg).then(function () {
Source: Sencha

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sencha Acquired by IDERA, Inc.

From Sencha:

Exciting News: Sencha Acquired by IDERA, Inc.

I’m very pleased to announce that Sencha has been acquired by IDERA, Inc. Sencha will become part of IDERA’s Developer Tools business, combining Embarcadero’s award-winning RAD Studio portfolio with Sencha’s Ext JS framework, Sencha Test and ExtReact. This product portfolio will provide powerful solutions for developers to reduce the cost and complexity of developing and delivering enterprise applications across multiple device types. 


For those of you who aren’t familiar with IDERA, they deliver B2B software productivity tools that enable technical users to do more with less — from database administrators, to database and application developers, to test management teams. IDERA, Inc. brands span three business units evangelized by millions of community members and more than 50,0000 customers worldwide, including more than 90% of the Fortune 500.

Continuing to Serve You

The IDERA and Sencha teams will be working together to ensure a seamless transition. Your contacts at Sencha will continue to work with you, and all of our customers and partners can continue to do business as usual. Our top priority is you and your continued success. 
To learn more, read the press release. If you have questions, please contact us.
Written by 
Art is CEO of Sencha and has deep operational expertise across sales, marketing, product development, services, and support. Prior to Sencha, he was CEO of Cordys where he transformed the Netherlands-based software company into a BPM PaaS and Cloud Provisioning provider and successfully led its acquisition by OpenText. Before that, he was President of MontaVista Software, breaking into non-traditional Linux markets such as automotive infotainment systems and aerospace controls. Art has led sales and services organizations in the Asia Pacific/Japan territory with Documentum, Cadence, and General DataComm. Art also served 27 years in the US Air Force and Air Force Reserves, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

PyConf Hyderabad 2017

We are happy to announce the very first annual Python conference in Hyderabad, the PyConf Hyderabad being organized by Hyderabad Python Users Group(HydPy) at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad on October 7-8, 2017. We are working with various local developer communities in the city to bring synergies around Python together under one roof.

More details available at

Call for Proposals has started and the deadline is Aug 31, 2017.
If you want to submit a proposal, please visit

- For announcements, follow us at
- If you have any queries regarding the conference, feel free to contact us through email at
- Interested in sponsoring the conference? Please reach out at

Team PyConf Hyd

Monday, 31 July 2017

Extjs how to create workspace


From today we will discuss about the basics of sencha ExtJs. How to create wotkspace..

In Extjs before going to create an app we must create an home for it that is called the workspace.
So will start with sencha cmd command.

sencha -sdk /path/to/ext-n.n.n generate workspace /path/to/workspace

Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to find .bash_profile in mac

Hello Folks,

We have to create if it doesn’t exist in the Mac.  First we need to search in Spotlight if it doesn't exist we have to create in logged in user profile after creation of this it will not visible because this is hidden file.

Creation of .bash_profile in Mac for this open and enter following text. 

touch .bash_profile

For opening of the this file enter below text in terminal

open -a .bash_profile

This will open a blank text for to enter the text.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Sencha command not found in mac


Today i got a strange error in mac book not able to find the sencha after sencha cmd installation.

When i installed sencha cmd 5.1 in one of my friend mac, it shown installed successfully but when am trying to access from terminal it is showing sencha not found error is coming.

finding all ways from user bin folder everything is there but am not able to run sencha. after some time i got to know that we need to add path in mac system manually.

In mac system open user .bash_profile file and the following text.

export SENCHA_CMD_5_1_0="/Users/username/Path/To/Sencha/Cmd/5.1.0.XXX"

export PATH=/Users/username/Path/To/Sencha/Cmd/$PATH

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Sencha Themer install and setup

Hello Folks,

Today I would like to explain about the how to install and setup the Sencha Themer Version Step by step installation you can check in the following screenshots.

To complete the installation Sencha Themer we must meet the following requirements.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

* Windows (Win 7+)
* Mac OS X
* Linux 32-bit / 64-bit


* Sencha Themer requires Sencha Cmd 6.2 or greater. We can download Sencha cmd from here.
   If you already have Cmd installed in your System, We can upgrade Cmd from the following       Command.

 Sencha upgrade

Ext Js

Sencha Themer is compatible with ExtJs 6.0.1 and greater versions for classic toolkit and Extjs 6.2 and greater for Modern toolkit.

Installation Steps

Once we met the all the above requirements then click on installer file.

Welcome screen for Sencha Themer and click Next.

Accept the License agreement and click "Next >".

Designate Use Scope for "All Users" or "Current User" select and click "Next >".

Select installation Directory for Themer to be installed and click Next.


Click on Next to proceed to install.

Source from Sencha docs

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tech Talk: Learn How to Build Responsive React Apps with ExtReact

Tech Talk: Building Responsive React Apps with ExtReact

Sencha ExtReact

ExtReact provides React developers with a complete set of components that can respond and adapt to any device, platform, or screen size. Join us for a tech talk on July 27th, where we'll demonstrate how you can deliver the right experience to each user's device using simple, concise, declarative techniques. Topics to be covered will include: 
  • Fluid layouts with flex box
  • Responsive props that adapt to changes in screen size
  • Using platformTags to target specific devices and platforms
  • Best practices for standardizing screen size boundaries
Event Details:
Thursday, July 27, 2017
10:00am PDT | 1:00pm EDT | 6:00pm BST
60 Minutes
Featured Speaker: 
Mark BrocatoMark Brocato is an Engineering Director at Sencha. He's been developing with Ext JS since version 2. Before coming to Sencha, he was the Director of R&D at BioFortis, a Life Sciences startup, where he led the development of several Ext JS apps. He is also the creator of, a web service for generating large datasets for software testing and demos. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sencha Test 2.1 GA

Sencha Test 2.1 GA

Sencha Test
We’re excited to announce that Sencha Test 2.1 is now generally available. This release includes new features that greatly enhance your experience of creating tests, managing defects, and storing test results.

Now, you can create tests simply by inspecting components on a web page and achieve an end-to-end automated workflow – from unattended execution using CI tools to logging defects on JIRA with our new integration. You have the flexibility of including external files, which opens up endless possibilities for testing outside of your application. With the help of a local archive server, Sencha Test ensures that manual test runs are retained for analysis and defect management.
New features in Sencha Test 2.1:
  • Inspect components and elements on Ext JS applications
  • Execute tests from Sencha Studio and store test results on the local archive server
  • Add external files or install npm modules and simply require them in test code
  • Analyze test failures and publish bugs directly to JIRA
  • Perform visual testing directly from Sencha Studio
Join Us for Our Upcoming Webinar

Learn more about Sencha Test 2.1 and see it in action.
Register Now

What’s New in Sencha Test 2.1

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Time: 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 6pm BST
Duration: 60 minutes

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ext JS 6.5 GA, Progressive Web Apps, Sencha Test Futures, and Ext JS Tips


Announcing Ext JS 6.5 and Sencha Cmd 6.5 GA

by Don Griffin and Sandeep Adwankar
Ext JS 6.5 and Sencha Cmd 6.5 enable you to deliver rich mobile and desktop experiences for your data-intensive, cross-platform web apps – using the Modern toolkit. See all the new features. 

Creating Progressive Web Applications using SenchaExt JS 

by Ajit Kumar
We’ve made progressive web app development very easy with Ext JS. You can create a rich user experience and increase user engagement by delivering the best of both web and mobile apps. Learn how to create your PWA.

Sencha Test Futures API for End-to-End Testing

by Jon Jarboe, Don Griffin, Subu Baskaran
Learn how to use a key feature of Sencha Test, the Futures API, which allows automation engineers to write tests targeting JavaScript components rather than depending on DOM elements. 

Sencha Cmd 6.5 Tech Tips

by Sandeep Adwankar
Get started quickly with Sencha Cmd 6.5 key features including support for ECMAScript 2015 (or ES6), dynamic package loading, and building progressive web apps. Try the code samples in your apps.

Ext JS Customer Spotlight: Crestone Digital

by Mike Giddens
Crestone Digital builds custom mapping solutions. The team uses Ext JS because it’s easy to create a full-fledged application in minutes, yet it’s designed with extensions in mind.

Top Support Tips

by Sencha Support Team
Check out these Ext JS tips and learn how to scroll a component into view and customize a tree list component. 

Sencha Test Tip: Execute Tests on Multiple Browsers Simultaneously

by Subu Baskaran
Sencha Test has built-in support to make it easy to run and debug tests on multiple browsers simultaneously using a browser farm. Join us for our upcoming webinar with Sauce Labs.

Upcoming Webinar: What's New in Sencha Ext JS 6.5 and Cmd 6.5

Presented by Jon Jarboe and Sandeep Adwankar
Join us for our upcoming webinar, where you will learn how you can use Ext JS 6.5 to deliver rich desktop and tablet experiences for your data-intensive, cross-platform web applications – using the Ext JS Modern toolkit. With Cmd 6.5, you get support for ES2015 (formerly ES6) in Ext JS apps, dynamic package loading and support for Progressive Web Apps. 

Want Higher Quality & Faster Development Time?

Sencha Professional Services has a team of experts that provides application modernization, code reviews, architecture planning, and custom development. Find out how we can help you.